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Welcome to the Storage blog section of domalab.com. It covers configuration and best practices around different platforms. Follow the steps to reproduce different configurations in your home lab for testing.

The aim of this section is about learning and reproducing about different scenarios in a home lab trying to simulate production environments.

Primarily based on platforms to support VMware and Hyper-V offerings the Storage blog section of domalab.com is willing to expand to other hypervisors available. The articles on the Storage blog section also cover Primary and Secondary Storage configurations.

For Primary Storage there are sections covering:

– Dell EMC Isilon

– HPE StoreVirtual

– NAS4Free

– Synology

For Secondary Storage there are sections covering:

– Dell EMC Data Domain

– HPE StoreOnce

Future articles will cover even more solutions like Dell EMC Unity, Nimble, Nexenta, Quantum DXi and a more.

All the articles follow a simple format. It provides screenshots and text supporting the configurations along with examples. Within the articles also the link to pertinent resources and website where to download the latest versions of the products.

More importantly this blog wants to share with the Community. Any feedback and comments are appreciated along with suggestions for new topics and configurations we can try in our home lab.

Do you want to cover more in this Storage blog section? Contact me and will be more than happy to add even more solutions we can test in our home lab!

Feel free to pick articles from this page or browse the relevant sections.



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