VMware vSphere: Building a Data Center

One of the first topics that usually is covered even before thinking about the physical infrastructures working in the background is about how to build a Data Center. Surely the different resources and layers available […]

VMware vSphere: Install new Network Drivers

In the previous posts we have seen the steps of how to setup our personal home lab. For this purpose I have used an Intel NUC that apart from packing interesting features is lacking in […]

Intel NUC: Configure ESXi first steps

Here we are with the last part of this article series on how to create your home lab. In this step we’ll use the vSphere Client to connect to the newly created VMware ESXi Host. […]

Intel NUC: Install the ESXi Hypervisor

The installation of the ESXi Hypervisor is very simple and straightforward. Ideally you would like to install the ESXi on supported Hardware for obvious compatibility reasons. In our case the Intel NUC is not listed […]

Intel NUC: Prepare the ESXi installation media

In this part let’s see the steps to create the ESXi iso to install on the Intel NUC. For this purpose I will be using a very handy and free application called Rufus that provides […]

Intel NUC: Configure BIOS settings

As mentioned in the previous article, we are now ready to review and configure the main BIOS settings making sure the installed RAM memory and Disk Drives are recognised and working properly. As soon as […]

Turbonomic: monitoring and managing infrastructures in real-time

Formerly known as VMturbo, Turbonomic is a platform that provides valuable information and details on Applications, Infrastructures and Clouds. All in real-time. As soon as the necessary details are collected the Turbonomic platform also provides […]

VMware vSphere: VMware VDP configuration steps

In this part of the article we’ll proceed with the first configuration of the VMware VDP appliance. Details about the pre-installation steps are available here. So after the first boot from the console view we […]

VMware vSphere: VMware VDP 6 installation and configuration walkthrough

Based on the EMC Avamar Data Protection software the VMware VDP 6 installation and configuration process is very similar to what we have seen already with the deployment of the EMC Data Domain Virtual Edition […]

Data Domain Virtual Edition 3.0: Installation and configuration part 2

Here we are with the second part about the first time installation and configuration of our Data Domain virtual edition 3.0. Before proceeding you might want to take a look at the first part of […]