Data Domain Virtual Edition 3.0: Installation and configuration overview

As of September 2016 EMC released Data Domain Virtual Edition 3.0. Possibly the fastest way to describe DDve 3.0 is a software appliance dedicated to Storage Protection supporting different protocols including CIFS and NFS. As […]

VMware vSphere: Configure Standard Switches

In order to provide connectivity to the VMs and to the ESXi Hosts, VMware vSphere offers the possibility to configure Standard Switches (at the Host level) and Distributed Switches (on Data Center level) The purpose […]

vCenter install

VMware vCenter: Deploy on Windows 2012 R2 and SQL Cluster

Welcome to a new series of articles I will be dedicating to VMware and in particular to installing, configuring and managing VMware vSphere environments. Ideally an easy to follow guide about vSphere deployments to explore […]

Hyper-V Server 2012 R2 Core installation

Hyper-V: Nested installation into VMware Hypervisors

Here we are with the first steps to install Hyper-V Hypervisor inside VMware Hypervisor. As already mentioned in the introduction article I will be using a laptop with VMware Workstation 12 to install Hyper-V 2012 […]

Nested Virtualization

Hyper-V: Introduction to Hypervisor Nested installation

Running and testing configurations either in a Home Lab or in a proper dedicated Testing environment is always a great idea not just to do a rehearsal of specific settings and configurations related to Applications and […]

IBM Lotus QuickR Installation

IBM: Install QuickR for Domino 8 Server Part 4

Here we are with the final part of this installation. The deployment of QuickR Server is straight  forward and very easy to follow as per screenshots below. Before starting let’s make sure All Domino/Lotus services […]

IBM Lotus Domino Client Configuration

IBM: Install QuickR for Domino 8 Server Part 3

This part of the guide will cover the  following: Configure of SSO Enable Domino Servlet Engine Enable  UTF-8 Encoding Edit the Notes.ini file to allow SSO and special characters in uploaded documents So let’s start […]

IBM Lotus Domino Configuration

IBM: Install QuickR for Domino 8 Server Part 2

The initial configuration of Domino Server can be divided in two parts: Configure Server and Certificate Install Notes / Domino Designer / Administrator to complete the initial configuration At this point we are ready to […]

Lotus Domino installation

IBM: Install QuickR for Domino 8 Server Part 1

Fairly recently I had the opportunity to assist a customer with regards to a content migration from Lotus QuickR platform to Office 365 using the DocAve Migration Platform. We had to use a specific version […]

Exchange 2016 URLs configuration

Exchange 2016: Configure URL for Services

Here we are the final article for this series dedicated to Exchange installation. The purpose of this one is to configure the internal and external URLs to access the Exchange Services, namely: OWA ActiveSync ECP […]