Import users in Office 365

How to manage users in Office 365 with PowerShell – Part 2

In the previous post How to manage users in Office 365 with PowerShell – Part 1┬áthere was an introduction on how to use popular cmd-lets to essentially manipulate the details about Cloud Identities including their […]

Manage Office 365 Users

How to manage Users in Office 365 using PowerShell – Part 1

Managing users (better call them Office 365 Identities!) with PowerShell might be an activity that you can run more times than expected. Reasons? Well for a start┬ámanaging multiple objects in batch mode to review and […]

Office 365 Portal

How to connect to Office 365 Services using PowerShell

With the increased adoption of Cloud based technologies that offer nice tools to administer the big variety of options and configurations, sometimes it becomes difficult to concentrate and and execute multiple operations at the same […]