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Turbonomic: monitoring and managing infrastructures in real-time

Formerly known as VMturbo, Turbonomic is a platform that provides valuable information and details on Applications, Infrastructures and Clouds. All in real-time. As soon as the necessary details are collected the Turbonomic platform also provides […]

Configure VMware ESXi Datastore

Configure Synology iSCSI as VMware ESXi Datastore

In the previous articles we explored the steps about configuring an iSCSI LUN on a Synology NAS.  Or even for smaller environments it is possible to create iSCSI Targets leveraging a separate VM based on […]

Synology NAS Configuration

Configure iSCSI LUNs on Synology NAS

I recently purchased a 4 bays Synology NAS and apart from the initial excitement about the new toy this is something I was looking forward to enhance my lab environment using a physical storage. I […]

SQL Failover Cluster Installation

Install a clustered SQL instance Part 3

Part 3 – Add a node to the SQL clustered instance and test failover So we are at the final part of this article focusing on installing a failover clustered SQL instance. In case you […]

SQL Failover Cluster Installation

Install a clustered SQL instance Part 2

Part 2 – Install the first SQL node of the clustered SQL instance This article focuses on the installation of the first SQL Cluster node. I’m assuming all the steps as per previous article have […]

Windows Server Fail over Cluster

Install a clustered SQL instance Part 1

Part 1 Create a Windows Cluster I’m about to start a new series of articles about the installation of a Failover Cluster SQL Instance. This is an environment I will be using primarily for testing […]

NAS4Free Configuration

Install and configure iSCSI with NAS4Free Part 2

In the previous article we have seen how to install NAS4Free and configure the disks which will be used as main storage. This article focuses on the setup for the iSCSI drives which will be […]

NAS4Free installation

Install and configure iSCSI with NAS4Free Part 1

For one of my testing environments I had to install a brand new clustered SQL 2014 instance and when thinking about the steps required to proceed with the installation I did remember about the shared […]

SharePoint Performance

How to optimise SharePoint performances

Whether it comes down to get the best performances for your SharePoint on both Development or Production environments there are always multiple components involved making it difficult sometimes to quickly identify the ones causing potential […]