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Exchange 2016 Restore

Exchange 2016: Mailbox Database Restore

In the previous article we explored the options for backing up Exchange server with Windows Server Backup just leveraging the VSS framework in order to take crash consistent snapshot of our Application. It was an […]

Exchange 2016 Windows Backup

Exchange 2016: Windows Server Backup

So far we have been covering the initial aspects of a simple Exchange 2016 installation. At some point we also need to consider the configuration steps for backing up our application minimising whenever possible¬† the […]

Exchange 2016 Shared Mailbox

Exchange 2016: Create Shared Mailbox

Exchange supports different types of Mailboxes including User, Linked, Resources and Shared. Generally speaking Shared Mailboxes are used by organisations to give access in read/write to different members of a team to the same mailbox. […]

Exchange 2016 Move Mailbox

Exchange 2016: Move Mailbox to different Database

Here we are with another blog post on Exchange 2016 series of articles. Today we’ll cover the scenario on how to move the mailboxes between different Mailbox Databases. Actually the reasons for doing so are […]

Exchange 2016 Mail setup

Exchange 2016: Create User Mailbox

Creating a Mailbox in Exchange is an extremely easy process. There are 3 types of mailboxes that can be created and they are for Users, Shared and Resource types. Exchange 2016 also offers the ability […]