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Exchange 2016 URLs configuration

Exchange 2016: Configure URL for Services

Here we are the final article for this series dedicated to Exchange installation. The purpose of this one is to configure the internal and external URLs to access the Exchange Services, namely: OWA ActiveSync ECP […]

Exchange 2016 Restore

Exchange 2016: Mailbox Database Restore

In the previous article we explored the options for backing up Exchange server with Windows Server Backup just leveraging the VSS framework in order to take crash consistent snapshot of our Application. It was an […]

Exchange 2016 Mail setup

Exchange 2016: Create User Mailbox

Creating a Mailbox in Exchange is an extremely easy process. There are 3 types of mailboxes that can be created and they are for Users, Shared and Resource types. Exchange 2016 also offers the ability […]

Office 365 Portal

How to connect to Office 365 Services using PowerShell

With the increased adoption of Cloud based technologies that offer nice tools to administer the big variety of options and configurations, sometimes it becomes difficult to concentrate and and execute multiple operations at the same […]