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TPlink switch IP address setup using a web browser

As a follow up to the series about the TPlink T2600G-18TG this article covers how to setup the TPlink switch IP address. In this case this by using the latest web browser GUI as part of the latest firmware update. The process is very quick and simple. As a precaution it is handy to have an additional network cable connected to the TPlink switch from the computer accessing the management console. Should the target network sit on different one from the default configuration, will automatically login the console with the new IP Address.

Default TPlink switch IP address is on network. As a managed L2 network switch there are additional handy options like the ability to configure:

  • Address mode (none/static/DHCP/BOOTP)
  • VLAN
  • Additional IP Addresses

From the same wizard also the option to setup both IPv4 and IPv6 network configurations.


TPlink switch IP address setup

From the L3 Features section > Routing Table > IPv4 Routing Table a quick view of the current IP Addresses. By default the TPlink switch IP address is set to network on default or management VLAN.

domalab.com TPlink switch IP

To change the default address next is to browse the Interface section and click on the desired IP address for default switch interface. In this case IPv4 configuration link.

domalab.com TPlink switch IP

The wizard shows which VLAN this network is associated with. It is possible to enable the Admin Status option which essentially allows to manage the switch by using the Web GUI. The interface name comes handy when using command line interface. So it just  a matter to specify an IP address and the subnet mask with the Static mode.

It is also possible to add a secondary IP address. A possible scenario could be the ability to have two separate logical networks sharing the same physical network.

domalab.com TPlink switch IP

Once saved the GUI should automatically apply the new settings and reconnect to the TPlink switch.


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