Install NAS4Free on VMware ESXi Part 6

So far in the previous articles we have see how to install and setup NAS4Free with iSCSI targets. A very easy and straight forward process. The aim of this article instead is to provide the […]

Install NAS4Free on VMware ESXi Part 5

Here we are with one of the last steps to configure the iSCSI targets on a NAS4Free Server. In order to complete this part of the setup we need enable the iSCSI service and configure […]

Install NAS4Free on VMware ESXi Part 4

During this part of the NAS4Free installation we’ll explore how to add the storage that will be configured as iSCSI targets to present to SQL Failover Cluster. The process is very easy and essentially it […]

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Install NAS4Free on VMware ESXi Part 2

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Easy tutorial on how to install manually the latest patches for ESXi Host for stand alone or isolated environments

Veeam Agent for Windows Backup

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Veeam Agent for Windows and Linux

One of the questions I usually ask to customers, including the risk of almost sounding rhetorical these days is “Do you have a Backup strategy?” In the majority of the cases the answers are positive and close […]

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Easy guide for your home lab on how to configure VMware vSphere networking achieving redundancy and performance

Data Domain Virtual Edition 3.0 Configure DD Boost

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