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Data Domain Virtual Edition 3.0 Configure DD Boost

In this quick article I would like to continue the setup for the creation of a DD Boost user we can then leverage when Backup solutions like Veeam, the vSphere Data Protection and others can […]

Data Domain Virtual Edition 3.0: Installation and configuration part 2

Here we are with the second part about the first time installation and configuration of our Data Domain virtual edition 3.0. Before proceeding you might want to take a look at the first part of […]

Data Domain Virtual Edition 3.0: Installation and configuration overview

As of September 2016 EMC released Data Domain Virtual Edition 3.0. Possibly the fastest way to describe DDve 3.0 is a software appliance dedicated to Storage Protection supporting different protocols including CIFS and NFS. As […]

Configure VMware ESXi Datastore

Configure Synology iSCSI as VMware ESXi Datastore

In the previous articles we explored the steps about configuring an iSCSI LUN on a Synology NAS.  Or even for smaller environments it is possible to create iSCSI Targets leveraging a separate VM based on […]

Synology NAS Configuration

Configure iSCSI LUNs on Synology NAS

I recently purchased a 4 bays Synology NAS and apart from the initial excitement about the new toy this is something I was looking forward to enhance my lab environment using a physical storage. I […]

NAS4Free Configuration

Install and configure iSCSI with NAS4Free Part 2

In the previous article we have seen how to install NAS4Free and configure the disks which will be used as main storage. This article focuses on the setup for the iSCSI drives which will be […]

NAS4Free installation

Install and configure iSCSI with NAS4Free Part 1

For one of my testing environments I had to install a brand new clustered SQL 2014 instance and when thinking about the steps required to proceed with the installation I did remember about the shared […]