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Veeam Agent for Windows Backup

In a previous article we have explored the installation of the Veeam Agent for Windows and in particular a quick walk through of the options licensed with the FREE edition. As a progression from the previous […]

Veeam Agent for Windows and Linux

One of the questions I usually ask to customers, including the risk of almost sounding rhetorical these days is “Do you have a Backup strategy?” In the majority of the cases the answers are positive and close […]

Veeam Backup integration with Data Domain Repository

In the previous posts we have seen the steps on how  to deploy and run the initial configuration setup for the EMC Data Domain Virtual Edition 3.0. The procedure was really straightforward and the purpose […]

VMware vSphere: VMware VDP configuration steps

In this part of the article we’ll proceed with the first configuration of the VMware VDP appliance. Details about the pre-installation steps are available here. So after the first boot from the console view we […]

VMware vSphere: VMware VDP 6 installation and configuration walkthrough

Based on the EMC Avamar Data Protection software the VMware VDP 6 installation and configuration process is very similar to what we have seen already with the deployment of the EMC Data Domain Virtual Edition […]