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ClearOS performance with open-VM-Tools

Here we are with the final part of this article on ClearOS installation. In the previous steps we have seen an easy step by step install and configuration walk-through. In this part we’ll cover the installation of Open-VM-Tools to improve the ClearOS performance and management of the virtual machine. As you might expect we’ll use the command line and it comes quite handy!

In case there are also links to review the install ClearOS and configure ClearOS on VMware.

Install open-VM-Tools and improve ClearOS performance

All we have to do is to make sure the virtual machine can connect to the internet and then login to one of the terminal shell.

domalab.com ClearOS performance graphic console

ClearOS ships with YUM package manager which will take care of installing the available packages from the Repositories. So first thing we need to updated the YUM Repositories cache with the following command:

“yum update”

domalab.com ClearOS performance yum update

Now that the repositories have been updated let’s look for the Open-VM-Tools by issuing the following command:

yum search “open-vm-tools” 

domalab.com ClearOS performance yum search open-vm-tools

Great news! The packages have been found. At this point we are ready to download and install the required package files by simply running:

yum install “open-vm-tools”

YUM will automatically check and download the required dependancies. Once completed let’s hit “Y” to begin the installation.

And as per screenshot below the Open-VM-Tools package is now successful.

Even if not strictly required as we could start the service daemons manually it might be quicker to simply issue a “reboot” command:


ClearOS is now rebooting so let’s now take a look at the virtual machine general properties in the VMware vSphere Web Client and as per screenshot below the VMware Tools are running along with its version.

This completes this guide on how to install Open-VM-Tools and improve ClearOS performance on VMware ESXi. Very quick and powerful installation also considering the vast amount of apps that ClearOS natively provides through the Marketplace.

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