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Welcome to Domalab

Domalab is the domain name I like to use in my testing environment when playing with Virtual Machines.

An environment I use primarily for reproducing use cases and also for myself with the intent of learning new configurations and applications features.

Now as far as I enjoy working with virtual machines and different applications “on-premise” there is always an increasing interest from my side going towards the Cloud and in particular for the ones offering solutions for Virtualization, Data Avaialability and Collaboration.

Amongst my close friends my nickname is “Doma”. By chance one day I have just decided to check for the name domalab.com and without hesitation I registered the domain as soon as I found out it was available!

Now apart from the initial excitement of owning a shiny new domain, I had to choose what I wanted to do.  A personal blog where I can share my findings and use the same articles for future reference.

So really domalab has the purpose of sharing information. Essentially a way to give back to the Community and hopefully something useful that others can test and reproduce in their environments.

About the Blog:

There is a number of different technology domains I enjoy working with and they are primarily around:

  • Enterprise Products and Technologies
  • Virtualization
  • Storage
  • Networking
  • Data Protection with High Avaialability
  • Linux for Enterprises
  • Software Defined Data Centers
  • Open Source
  • How To’s
  • more..

I hope you’ll enjoy the readings on this blog and feel free to get in touch!

All the best

Michele Domanico

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