IBM: Install QuickR for Domino 8 Server Part 2

The initial configuration of Domino Server can be divided in two parts:

  • Configure Server and Certificate

  • Install Notes / Domino Designer / Administrator to complete the initial configuration

At this point we are ready to proceed with the initial configuration of the Domino Server by launching the Lotus Domino Server command







Let’s make sure we also retain a local copy of the ID for future use



At the moment just the HTTP Services are required which will be configured later on


Let’s make sure the settings from the NIC are properly detected






At this point we can install the available update for the Domino Server version in use. As per this scenario this is FixPack 5


Let’s verify the detected path pointing at Binaries and Data



And next to confirm





Perfect this part is now completed. Next will be about installing:

  • Lotus Notes Client

  • Domino Administrator

  • Domino Designer

Let’s start the main wizard for Lotus Notes client




Let’s make sure the Domino Designer and Administrator are selected





This now concludes this second part of the series. Next is to configure specific settings in the Domino Server

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