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Synology DS620Slim setup first time install

domalab.com Synology DS620slim setup

The Synology DS620Slim setup is very easy thanks to the built-in wizard which provides all the basic steps to get started. Including the ability to check for the latest Synology DSM (Disk Station Manager) software updates. This article is a follow up a series dedicated to the Synology DS620Slim model now part and serving the homelab together with Intel NUCs, Netgear and TP-link network switches. All managed by a VMware based deployment.

In a previous step, the process of upgrading the RAM Memory to 6 GB (officially supported) even though it is possible to mount RAM Memory slots with higher capacity. Especially considering the cost of Memory modules plummeted last year, this could be a nice addition. Useful for resources intensive applications that can run natively on top of the DSM software like Web Servers, Virtualisation and a lot more. There’s a plethora of free/paid applications that can be installed directly on the Synology NAS.

Synology DS620Slim setup wizard

After turning on the NAS and waiting for the initial sequence to complete, it is the right time to navigate with a web browser to find.synology.com or diskstation:5000. By default these are the addresses to find the device and get ready with the Synology DS620Slim setup.

In case more than one Synology device is available in the network the Web Assistant will show all of them. Next step is to select the desired one and begin the Synology DS620Slim setup wizard.

Next step is to accept the End User License Agreement and proceed with the wizard.

At the point the setup wizard will begin.

domalab.com Synology DS620Slim setup

As a first point the Web Assistant compares the “local” DSM version with the latest online and offers to download/apply the latest image. Very good considering the DSM software is constantly updated with new features and bug fixes. Pretty handy!

domalab.com Synology DS620Slim setup

Next step is quite crucial. At this point the NAS enclosure (or better the storage controller) proceeds with the acknowledgement of the drives. The list of supported drives is very extensive and regularly updated on the Synology website. In this case 3 drives have been mounted and exactly on bays #1, #2 and #6. The experiment of moving them to a different bay number (after wizard was completed and data was written on disks) worked flawlessly. Even though this “experiment” has been done by rebooting the NAS device. Needless to say, all disks mounted in the NAS device will be overwritten during the installation.

Next step for the Synology DS620Slim setup is to initialize the Disks, download the latest DSM updates and install the software. Overall the process takes 10 mins or less including a first reboot.

domalab.com Synology DS620Slim setup

The Web Assistant is now ready to capture the main details about server name, username and password. It is recommended to create a DNS (A) Record along with a dedicated IP address making it easier to “find” the NAS device for other administrative tasks.

Synology provides a service to locate the NAS devices over the internet. Very useful for cases where the NAS is publishing content or it is required to reach content on the NAS itself. All without creating Port Forwarding rules. It leverages dynamic DNS solution (part of the DSM software) that constantly updates the public IP address. Synology creates an account where to manage other aspects as well.

domalab.com Synology DS620Slim setup

In the next screen the option to even customise the unique URL to reach the Synology NAS device from the internet.

At this point everything is ready to finalise the Synology DS620Slim setup.

The DSM desktop shows the most used links and can be personalized as well with additional settings per User controlling various aspects. Interestingly a resource widget showing the top details at a glance.

A quick look at the Control Panel shows the additional RAM Memory now providing 6 GB in total.

domalab.com Synology DS620Slim setup

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