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TPlink firmware upgrade on T2600G-18TS

domalab.com TPlink firmware upgrade

As of July 2019 it is available the latest TPlink firmware upgrade for the T2600G-18TS model. Although the release cycle is not that frequent the updates seems to be pretty stable for this model part of the business managed network switches. The purpose of this article is to show the quick steps for upgrading to the latest version. As a follow up of the article series dedicated to the TPlink T2600G-18TS model. It is worth noting the latest firmware version applies to previous T2600G-18TS hardware v1 generation as well. Even though from the support site is shown for hardware v2 version only. The TPlink website also provide info on how to determine the hardware version.

Which features the new firmware brings?

According to the TPlink support website this is the list:

  • Enhanced the MVR function.
  • Support TLS 1.2.
  • Fix the bug that the IP in circuit-ID is wrong when the VLANs which the port belong to does not set up interface and PPPoE IP insertion is IP mode.
  • Fix the bug that NTP server will be changed when set up only one NTP server and fail to get the time.
  • Fix the bug that cannot set up auto mode for fiber ports which in port channel.
  • Fix the bug that access control entries will not take effect when two or more entries are added for port binding.
  • New User Interface


TPlink firmware upgrade steps

Before proceeding it is highly recommended to take a backup of the switch configuration. Once obtained the latest image from the local TPlink site it is just a matter of uploading this file to start the TPlink firmware upgrade. It is from System > System Tools and Firmware Upgrade section.

The wizard will now upload and validate the bin file.

The upgrade process is starting and at this point the installer will extract the binaries and replace with the existing ones. It is crucial to not restart or power off the switch to compromise the upgrade procedure. The entire process is a fairly quick one.

domalab.com TPlink firmware upgrade

A few moments later and the TP2600G-18TS is rebooting with the new user interface. Default username a password is admin.

domalab.com TPlink firmware upgrade

A quick look at the System > System Info > System Summary shows the main details at a glance.

domalab.com TPlink firmware upgrade


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