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Quick guide on how to update HPE StoreVirtual VSA

The purpose of this article is to show a quick guide on how to update HPE StoreVirtual VSA. In the previous ones we have seen how to install and configure the StoreVirtual appliance also by using the HPE StoreVirtual Centralized Management Console.

The good news is we can still use the same CMC to verify and install new updates. The types of updates include various components:

  • the CMC itself
  • the CLI
  • the LeftHand OS
  • Application features (eg. VSS Provider, DSM for Microsoft MPIO and more..)

By default the CMC will connect to the internet to an FTP site to download the available updates and store this data locally. Should the appliance have no connection to the internet it is possible to store all the downloaded files to an internal share and then use this one as internal repository. These settings including the download type and the credentials for an HTTP Proxy (if in use) can be specified in the Preferences menu. This is located in Help > Preferences > Updates.

Let’s choose the desired settings for our home lab and kick-off the update process as per screenshots below!


How to update HPE StoreVirtual VSA

Let’s login to the CMC console and navigate to the Configuration Summary view and then Upgrades tab. This view by default will already show information about available updates. We can click on more to access detailed information.

update HPE StoreVirtual Management console

By clicking on continue we can now access the next screen and check for higher details.

update HPE StoreVirtual action required

In the screenshot below the list of patches, status and description.

update HPE StoreVirtual install details

Once selected in the next screen we can see the upgrade process along with the details of the operations. We can also export these details for further inspections.

At the end we have the installation status. In some cases when dependencies or specific components require a restart, these information will appear as extra actions to complete. In this case it was just the action of executing the binary to update the Application Awareness feature to the latest version.

Now returning back to the Upgrades tab we can see the current status.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article we can choose about the desired options when checking and downloading the updates. Should we manage multiple HPE StoreVirtual VSA in our home lab it might make sense to configure a single share to store all the updates.

This pretty much concludes the guide on how to update HPE StoreVirtual. Fairly easy process this is something we should take a look at also to make sure we are running the latest version and benefit from the latest features.

In the next articles we’ll cover how to prepare and present storage to VMware vSphere. Once ready it will be time to create VMs on the HPE StoreVirtual storage.

Looking forward to feedback and comments!

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