Upgrade Dell EMC Unity VSA to latest version

One of the first article of the series dedicated to the Dell EMC Unity VSA was covering the first deployment and installation phase. In this instance the series continue visiting the options on how to upgrade Dell EMC Unity VSA to the latest edition. In particular this article refers to the steps updating the UnityOS shipping with the virtual appliance.

The same process to upgrade Dell EMC Unity VSA applies to both the operating systems, the firmware, MIBs (Management Information Base), language packs and others. The process is really simple and straightforward. Everything is operated using the GUI with a convenient wizard and even through the command line available from other operating systems (Windows and Linux based) connecting to the Dell EMc UnityVSA appliance.

All these updates plus the full image files are available from the Dell EMC support site searching for the UnityVSA in the product list.

Before proceeding with the update it is recommended to perform an health check just to rule out possible settings or configurations interfering with the process. In addition, it is also a good idea to put the system in maintenance mode to quiesce the file system and perform the upgrade process faster. Another thing to consider is the performance during the upgrade might be degraded as there would be only one storage processor active. At the software image completion the storage processor will be automatically rebooted as part of the Dell EMC UnityOS upgrade process. As an overall timing for completing the update it took less than 30 mins. Times might change depending on the current workloads.


How to upgrade Dell EMC Unity VSA

From the main UniSphere web console > Settings > Software and Licences  > Software Upgrades shows the main details for the UnityOS  installed. From this section it is recommended to perform an health check prior to upgrade Dell EMC Unity virtual appliance. Upgrade Dell EMC Unity version

The health check will highlight any possible configuration issue with warnings or errors. Upgrade Dell EMC Unity health check

As soon as the Health Check process is completed its now time to proceed to upgrade Dell EMC Unity by uploading the latest edition available. One thing to bear in mind is that any custom or private hot fix to the existing version will be automatically overwritten from the new image. This means the same hot fixes should be reapplied to the latest version as well. Upgrade Dell EMC Unity health check completed

Next is to upload the latest image update file. Upgrade Dell EMC Unity upload image

The Dell EMC UnityVSA will now upload and check the new file. Upgrade Dell EMC Unity upload software

As a default option Dell EMC UnityVSA allows to automatically reboot the Storage Processor. This is the recommended option. In the Community Edition there is only one Storage Controller. So no jobs should be running during the upgrade process. Upgrade Dell EMC Unity configure upgrade

And finally a summary showing the main details before proceeding. Once the process is started it cannot be stopped. Upgrade Dell EMC Unity upgrade summary

The process to upgrade Dell EMC Unity operating system is now starting showing a breakdown of the current operations. Timing is updated dynamically. Upgrade Dell EMC Unity process

A reminder informs about the web console disconnecting during the upgrade. Upgrade Dell EMC Unity connection lost

As soon as the Storage Processor has rebooted it is time to reload or sign in again into the web console. Upgrade Dell EMC Unity completed

Upon login a new message informs about the successful upgrade of the Dell EMC UnityOS. Upgrade Dell EMC Unity successful

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