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VBO 3.0 upgrade: in place update to the latest version

A previous article covered the new features and improvements of the latest version of Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365. In this article the steps to run a VBO 3.0 upgrade in-place. It covers updating components like VBO Proxy, Repository and also the authentication method leveraging the MFA in Azure AD.

All the steps are straight forward and simple to execute. Typically VBO deployments have everything installed on a single server. For larger deployments consisting of additional Proxies and Repositories the upgrade process is still centrally controlled from the main VBO Console. No backup / restore jobs should be running during the VBO 3.0 upgrade process. In fact the installation wizard  stops the running services, copies the new binaries and restarts the new services.

The existing configurations ad settings are preserved. The same applies also for the Jobs, the Proxy and Repository configurations. At the end of the process it is possible individually select the additional components to upgrade. The rest of the article shows the steps in more detail.


Overview of Veeam VBO 3.0 upgrade

Once obtained the latest installer it is possible to proceed with the Veeam VBO 3.0 upgrade in-place on the same server.

domalab.com Veeam VBO 3.0 upgrade

The new EULA includes a section for 3rd party software components as well.

By default the main installer deploys the Veeam VBO Server, the Console and the PowerShell cmd-lets. It also includes the latest Restful APIs. the wizard also automatically detects the previous location for the VBO 3.0 upgrade.

domalab.com Veeam VBO 3.0 upgrade

At this point the wizard has all the information to proceed with the installation.

The installer stops the running services, copies the new binaries, restores configuration files and restart the new services.

A few moments later the VBO 3.0 upgrade is completed.

When logging to the new VBO Console the main view includes the previous organizations and jobs configured. The ones with a red cross require a validation update due to the new APIs the Veeam VBO 3.0 is shipping with. These new APIs in fact bring a speed enhancement up to 20x when compared to the previous release.

It is just a matter of selecting the SharePoint jobs and rerun the wizard for validation.

domalab.com Veeam VBO 3.0 upgrade

By editing the Organization it is now possible to choose between the Basic and Modern authentication (MFA based).

domalab.com Veeam VBO 3.0 upgrade

The Basic authentication requires username and password if a user with sufficient rights to perform backup and restore jobs for Exchange, SharePoint and OneDrive.

In the case of Modern authentication instead it is a combination of multiple factors like username, password, Azure App ID and Azure App secret or certificate. More info on how to create the Azure App are detailed in this article.

domalab.com Veeam VBO 3.0 upgrade

Next is to visit the Backup Infrastructure > Backup Proxies to update these components. Bulk selection is also possible when multiple Proxies are available. There is also a column showing the actual version for each Proxy.

Likewise in the Backup Infrastructure > Backup Repositories the list of actual storage locations where the backups are located. Even in this case a bulk selection is available when working with multiple Repositories.

domalab.com Veeam VBO 3.0 upgrade

What is interesting is also the new retention type available as of VBO 3.0. As of the GA version the names are Item level and Snapshot based. Whereas the former works in a similar fashion as in previous release, the new one applies the retention policy period against the backup. Effectively, this new retention policy act as a Point-In-Time backup. Retention policies cannot be changed once set per Backup Repository.

domalab.com Veeam VBO 3.0 upgrade

Should any configured Organization have any out-of-date backup job (based on the latest APIs available) the main Console conveniently shows the upgrade button which validates the out-of date ones.

domalab.com Veeam VBO 3.0 upgrade

The next wizards to run are the one for the Veeam Explorers. One is the Veeam Explorer for Exchange.

The other one for SharePoint and OneDrive.

At the completion of these final steps it is now possible to run recovery jobs and eDiscovery searches on the previously created backups. The new backup jobs will automatically add the new Incremental changes to the existing backups and retain data based on configured retention policies.

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