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VMware VCSA 67u3g: what’s new and how to install

The latest version of the VMware VCSA 67u3g comes with a new alarms about the Replication Status Change, a new SSO-Config utility to replace the Security Token Service (STS), latest patches for the PhotonOS and a number of fixes from previous VMware VCSA releases. The following is just an extract from the official Release Notes at a glance. The resolved issues are categorized in different groups:

The list is quite extensive and the links above provide more detailed info. In terms of new features certainly the new Replication Status Change comes handy with multiple VMware VCSA installations and monitoring the status of several Platform Embedded Service Controllers as part of the new deployment models. On the other hand it will be nice to see how many deployment will use the newly available SSO -Config utility not just to replace an expired certificate but also to create a new one based on a new domain name. The certificate in fact, it is created at the installation time and it is based on the VCSA Appliance name (better option) rather than the IP Address. As the latter is more susceptible of future changes. Certainly a new feature to test and learn from.


VMware VCSA 67u3g upgrade

By browsing the VCSA Appliance IPAddress:5480 the Management interface shows the current version and build number in the summary page. Along with the main services status.

Before proceeding with an in place upgrade to the latest VMware VCSA 67u3g release it is highly recommended to take a full backup of the appliance database and configuration files using the built-in utility. It is the only supported method and allows for a file based recovery using the installer appliance. Goes without saying both should match minor versions. So VCSA 6.7.0 is good with all future releases based on 6.7. The Backup section shows the latest info and settings for the protection of the VMware VCSA appliance.

Next is to move to the Update section. From here it is possible to check and download for the latest updates. Ultimately also the ability run an upgrade manually when the VMware VCSA appliance cannot access the internet. If confident about the upgrade, when selecting the Stage and Install option it automatically triggers the next wizard. Before proceeding it is also important to check the available space on the appliance disks. Typically on disk 12 “updatemgr” partition this is where data is downloaded and executed.

At this point everything is ready proceed with the upgrade wizard by accepting the EULA.

As mentioned earlier on before committing changes it is strongly advised to take a Backup.

At this point everything is ready to download the new ISO image for the Patch upgrade, stop the services, update and replace the necessary files.

In addition, the upgrade utility converts the data to the new format after the database upgrade and restart all the necessary services.

A few moments later the installation is completed.

Now refreshing the browser, clearing old cookies and browsing again the VMware VCSA 67u3g appliance, the Summary section reports the latest version installed along with the build number and main services health.


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