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Install HPE StoreVirtual Centralized Management Console

Here we are with second part of the articles with focus on HPE StoreVirtual. In this case we are going to cover the HPE StoreVirtual Centralized Management Console install. The Centralized Management Console (or CMC for short) is a convenient application that we can simply use to manage all aspects from a configuration perspective to proactively manage single and multiple HPE StoreVirtual deployments.

The HPE CMC is available for both Windows and Linux operating systems. We can find this one as part of the download bundle for the HPE StoreVirtual which allows to store up to 1 TB of Data for 3 Years with a free license. At the time of writing the latest version is LeftHand OS 12.7. When I did the first download for the first time it was version LeftHand version 12.6. From within the CMC it is very easy to check and apply for the latest updates. I have collected a number of screenshots showing the process. I will prepare them for a separate article!

For the purpose of this article we’ll be installing the HPE StoreVirtual Centralized Management Console for Windows. In my home lab I will use a Windows Server 2012 R2. Let’s see together the steps.


Install HPE StoreVirtual Centralized Management Console

From the downloaded files or from the HPE_StoreVirtual_VSA_2014_and_StoreVirtual_FOM_Installer_for_VMware_vSphere we should see the CMC_Install folder. Inside this one the main executable to start our installation as per screenshots below.

StoreVirtual Centralized Management Console install

The wizard uses the InstallAnywhere which will guide us through the installation steps.

StoreVirtual Centralized Management Console install wizard

Let’s accept the EULA.

StoreVirtual Centralized Management Console EULA

Since this is our first installation let’s go for Typical. At the moment I’m not planning to use any SNMP traps in my home lab. Of course we can modify the installation later by rerunning the same installer to add or remove features.

StoreVirtual Centralized Management Console install set

This will be the default installation path. As long as there is enough space on the C Drive this is ok. If we are planning to download updates continuously it is better to choose an adequate location for long term retention of the update files. Updates are not massive. So far the bigest ones in my home lab are relative to Application Awareness Snapshot Installers. They are below 40 MB. So not really a big deal but better plan for these in advance. Or directly download the latest version at the moment and rerun a fresh install.

StoreVirtual Centralized Management Console install folder

As per screenshot if you want to save the shortcut. I would also recommend to create another shortcut to “\Program Files\HPE\StoreVirtual\Application Aware Snapshot Manager\” for the Authentication Console.msc when the installation completes.

StoreVirtual Centralized Management Console install option

Let’s leave the default option.

A pre-installation summary appears with chosen settings.

And a final summary reporting the installation path where to find all the binaries. Interesting enough this wizard also creates a folder for putty binaries. Which can come quite handy when connecting to the HPE StoreVirtual to execute commands over SSH.

And finally we also have the option to connect with the HPE Support Alerts to receive notifications about Hardware Platform and Software Alerts. Since we are using the Free 1 TB license version we are entitled to critical updates only. More on this in a dedicated article.

This pretty much concludes this part of the HPE StoreVirtual install. Very quick and easy. In the next article we’ll see how to use the HPE Centralized Management Console to configure the VSA using the GUI interface.

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