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Intel NUC ESXi media preparation for VMware vSphere install

In this part let’s see the steps to create the Intel NUC ESXi media iso to install our VMware vSphere Host. For this purpose I will be using a very handy and free application called Rufus that provides the ability to easily create bootable USB dirves. At the time of writing version 2.12 can be downloaded from this link.

Also with regards to the VMware ESXi 6 image it can be obtained from this link. It requires the creation of an account for the trial features active for 60 days. The ESXi vSphere Hypervisor itself will be working also after the trial expired and can be managed by using both the “Web” and “Fat” vSphere clients.

So at this point as the screenshot shows let’s select the USB drive and the ESXi image. Please note I’m currenlty using the release 6.0U2 for my environment. By default VMware will offer the latest release based on 6.5. I will migrate to that version in the future with a dedicated post.

domalab.com Intel NUC ESXi media rufus ISO

The process  is really quick. I chose “No” as I wanted to leave the existing ISO file unmodified.

domalab.com Intel NUC ESXi media rufus menu

Let’s press OK to proceed and make sure it is using the intended USB Drive!

domalab.com Intel NUC ESXi media rufus format

After a few seconds the ESXi bootable USB drive has been created and ready to use. Now it is time to install the ESXi Hypervisor on the M.2 SSD drive. Let’s move to the next post


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