Exchange 2016: Setup Public Folders

Purpose of this quick article today is about creating Public Folders with Exchange 2016.

Public  folders can grow very large and proper capacity planning is advised to limit potential loss of data due to a lack of adequate resources. From this perspective creating dedicated Mailbox Databases is strongly advised. The steps below show how to:

  • Create a new Mailbox Database

  • Create a Public folder Mailbox

  • Create Public Folders Hierarchy

From the Exchange ECP page let’s navigate to Servers > Databases and click add button


Let’s remember to restart the Exchange Information Store Service afterwards to acknowledge the new Mailbox Database.

Now we navigate to the Public Folders > Public Folders Mailboxes to create the first one as per our screenshot below



We are now ready to create the Public Folder Structure using the pertinent link as per screenshot below




From here we can now add the permissions from the Manage link





We can now create a set of sub-folders for example by department as per examples below




Of course for each one of them it is possible to have separate permissions and settings



Now if we want to use the Public Folders (for Post and Cal event) from the OWA the next steps show how. Outlook client will automatically display the pertinent ones



Right click on Favourites



Select the appropriate one


This concludes the steps on how to create and add Public Folders in Exchange 2016 through OWA

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