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Install QuickR for Domino 8 Server Part 4

IBM Lotus QuickR Installation

Here we are with the final part of this installation and we now ready to install QuickR. The deployment of Lotus QuickR Server is a straight  forward and very easy to follow as per screenshots below. Before starting let’s make sure All Domino/Lotus services are not running. We’ll restart such service upon completion of the install QuickR server process. We are now ready for the final installation steps.

As a first thing let’s accept the license and continue.

Let’s click on next to begin the install process.

domalab.com install QuickR setup wizard

In this step we can decide the install path. By default to install QuickR successfully we need to use the same Domino server and the Domino program directory should be automatically identified. As an alternative we can point the setup to such directory as per previous article.

domalab.com install QuickR paths

The setup at this point has enough information to carry on with the setup. Let’s review the settings and continue.

domalab.com install QuickR summary

The file copy to install QuickR is very quick and takes a few minutes to complete.

At this point the proces to install QuickR is complete. Let’s click on next to create the QuickR Administrator user.

Let’s specify an existing user which will have Admin rights on QuickR Server as well.

We are now done with the install QuickR process. Let’s click on finish.

At this point we can now restart the Lotus Domino Server service as per screenshot below.

For my installation I will be using port 8080 to access the Lotus QuickR web pages as per picture below.

We can review and change this settings from the Lotus Domino Administrator in the Server > Current Server Document > Ports > Internet Ports > Web > TCP/IP port number.

After restarting the Domino Server we can now access the QuickR from the address:


This concludes this post about Lotus QuickR deployment in a testing environment.

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