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Veeam BEM v10 recovery capabilities overview

As a follow up from the previous article about the Enterprise Manager quick setup this one wants to provide a quick overview on the Veeam BEM v10 recovery capabilities. In particular a quick view for the recovery options from image level backups, granular restores and application items from popular enterprise applications like Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL and Oracle Database.

The Veeam BEM v10 recovery options span multiple backups also coming from different Veeam Backup Servers in the infrastructure. The Veeam Enterprise Manager acts as a federation point collecting all the necessary info from the different Veeam servers. At this point, the information are displayed conveniently in a web console very easy to use.

Veeam BEM v10 recovery options

Possibly the first step when looking for the content and run a Veeam BEM v10 recovery is the Reports tab which shows vital information about the status of the backups with additional stats. Click on job and then select the job session goes into details on both the job level and also machine level.

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The Machines section shows the image level backups executed by the Veeam Backup Servers and also the Veeam Agents. Along with the machines also the number of restore points and their location. Interestingly selecting any of the machines gives the opportunity to restore the entire VM or disk, add as part of the fail-over plan and even run a quick backup. These options are also dictated by the RBAC and delegated permissions as inherited from the VMware vCenter.

domalab.com Veeam BEM v10 recovery

In case of granular restores for Files and Folders, the Files section includes a wizard to select the backup for the machine in question. Again this wizard will search for all backups coming for multiple Veeam servers. No need to know where the actual backup servers or backup files are actually located. Also in this case this includes both virtual and physical machines.

domalab.com Veeam BEM v10 recovery

Once the machine has been selected, it will take a few moments to mount the content from the backup (no staging and caching required) and will present the content from the chosen point in time. Allows for the recovery of multiple files and folders at the same time as well. Of course this applies to export options too.

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Veeam BEM v10 recovery options include the items for Enterprise Applications. From the same image level backup in fact, it is possible to recover Exchange, SQL and Oracle Databases. In the case of Exchange content this provides granularity down to the mailbox level even restoring only content from a specific time window.

domalab.com Veeam BEM v10 recovery

In a similar manner there are granular recovery options also for SQL and Oracle Databases. Also in this case the image level format is used as the single source. Thus eliminating the need of running and maintaining multiple backup solutions for the same application. The interesting part is the Veeam Enterprise Manager can also replay the transaction logs and restore the database to a specific point in time.

domalab.com Veeam BEM v10 recovery

Another interesting option is the ability to leverage Veeam Datalabs on request and without the need of admin credentials on the Veeam servers. As of Veeam v10 Datalabs extend functionalities for both staged restores (for compliance requirements) and secure restores (for security requirements).

domalab.com Veeam BEM v10 recovery

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