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Veeam Backup Nutanix Job setup for AHV VM

The management of a Veeam Backup Nutanix job is available in both Veeam Backup and Veeam AHV Proxy consoled. In this case the article is focusing on the Proxy web console as part of the article series dedicated at the version 2.0 and above of the Veeam Plugin for Nutanix. The screenshots refer to version 2.0 and at the time of writing version 2.1 has added improvements and some changes as already covered in the previous article. Whereas the version 2.0 uses Network Port 8100, as of version 2.1 the Proxy web console now uses Port 443.

Veeam Plugin leverages the latest Nutanix APIs and no additional Veeam agents are required. It is recommended though, the Nutanix Guest Tools (NGT) are installed on the AHV virtual machines. Veeam will leverage some of the components to work with VSS (on Microsoft VMs) to run application and crash consistent backups. For even a greater flexibility it is also possible to protect specific AHV machines by simply installing the Veeam Agents when custom application consistency is required for  applications like Microsoft Active Directory, SQL, Exchange, SharePoint, Oracle Database and even open-source databases like PostgreSQL, MySQL and MariaDB. And this can be even further extended through custom scripting with additional applications.

The Veeam Backup Nutanix job can be configured to run an image level backup and even a native Nutanix snapshot leveraging the software defined storage access. Last but not least also the capability of working with Nutanix Protection Domains. In fact, these will appear in the selection in the backup job wizard.

Veeam Backup Nutanix job for AHV

The Proxy provides the options to manage and control the Veeam Backup Nutanix job using a simple web console. This console is accessible at the Proxy address and port 8100 for v2.0 and 443 for 2.1 and later. The credentials are the one set in the setup phase as covered in the previous article.

Once logged in, the console will present the home which consists in a dashboard with important details at a glance.

domalab.com Veeam Backup Nutanix job

In the job section this is the place where to add, edit, disable and eventually delete the Veeam Backup Nutanix job policies for image level and snapshots.

As expected the entire process is wizard driven. All is required is a matter of specifying the name for the job a description and the job type. It allows the Backup Job, Snapshot job and a Protection Domain snapshot job.

domalab.com Veeam Backup Nutanix job

Next step is to identify the Nutanix AHV virtual machine and/or Protection Domains to include in the job.

domalab.com Veeam Backup Nutanix job

The window to add objects allows to search based on machine name as well. Of course it is possible to select multiple objects or virtual machines.

domalab.com Veeam Backup Nutanix job

In the Backup Destination it is possible to choose the target location where the Nutanix AHV backups will be stored. This will automatically show the Backup Repositories as configured in the Veeam Backup server. When selecting the Backup Repository it is also important to set the appropriate access permissions directly from the Veeam B&R console.

domalab.com Veeam Backup Nutanix job

In the advanced section the option to automatically purge from the backup the deleted VMs after a period that can be customised..

Equally from the advanced option also the ability to schedule active full backups which help reducing the length of the backup chains further reducing the risk of corruption. Nonetheless also the better performances with backup copy jobs and GFS scenario.

Last but not the least is the section about the Nutanix backup job schedule and the number of restore points to keep.

domalab.com Veeam Backup Nutanix job

A final summary screen with top details before saving the job configuration.

domalab.com Veeam Backup Nutanix job

In a similar fashion it is possible to add other jobs with separate settings and schedule priorities including snapshots and Protection Domains on the Nutanix Cluster..

domalab.com Veeam Backup Nutanix job

Once the job is started it will show the top statistics which will in turn updated in the Veeam B&R console in a new job with the same name and the relevant info.

domalab.com Veeam Backup Nutanix job

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