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Veeam VBO v5b update: how to upgrade and what’s included

Just recently Veeam released the latest update patch for VBO v5b. Although this is more a fix release rather than a release bringing new features, it is always recommended to move to the latest version and get advantage of the latest features. The Veeam VBO v5b update process is very simple and automated through the built-in update module which checks for latest packages. For customers who leverage the BaaS option with Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 through a VCSP service provider it is worth checking which version these are running as well in their data center. This guarantees the best compatibility when accessing and restoring the content through the Veeam Explorers for Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams backups.

One thing to notice is the main component who owns data in the Veeam Repository is the Proxy. This is important as during the Backup Proxy update (which has been enhanced and runs in a short time) it prevents the option to run backup or restores from the Proxy itself. For service providers might take longer to decide and opt for time windows as same Proxy might talk to multiple Repositories at one time. For end customers scenarios this can be scheduled more easily.

Veeam VBO v5b update overview

As mentioned above the process to upgrade to latest Veeam VBO v5b couldn’t be any simpler. Ideally having a backup just before the upgrade is always wise. It is worth remembering the Backup Proxies are autonomous up to 48hrs in case the Manager is offline. Even for the less SLA restrictive environment, 48hrs should be enough to cover the basics of disaster recovery. when a new update is available, it shows in the console and reports the latest version. This includes Veeam Explorers shipping with Veeam Backup & Replication and Cloud Connect Servers. This is one of the supported configurations for service providers.

domalab.com veeam vbo v5b update

For each what’s new link a list of the latest improvement and bug fixes. In particular this version brings performance enhancements for SharePoint backups when stored to object storage. Along with a list of common bug fixes and it is always a good idea to give a quick read and maybe spot something occurred before. KB4124 offers more info on this cumulative patch.

domalab.com veeam vbo v5b update

When hitting OK to confirm at this point is possible to start the update wizard. This means any running job will be automatically stopped. So it is a good idea to plan the update outside the “working hours”.

The installer will automatically download the latest version available and start the usual wizard. Will detect the running version and offer the update option.

From this point all the steps are pretty much similar to previous version and making sure the latest binaries are deployed.

Upon completion and detection of the installed components the update wizard now proceeds with the update of the Veeam Explorers for Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams.

Next part is about the update of the Veeam Backup Proxies. There is at least one installed as default role on the VBO Manager itself. This one is upgraded automatically on the first part of the process. Next is to select the additional Proxies and run the upgrade button. This is useful for phased deployments and updates. As of version VBO v5 both Manager Server and Proxies can also be part of separate AD domains or belong to no domain at all. This helps hardening security with the separate credentials.

domalab.com veeam vbo v5b update

At the completion the help splash screen reports the updated version.

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