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Veeam ONE v10 – upgrading from a previous version

Veeam ONE v10 as part of the Veeam Availability Suite (VAS) provides invaluable information and details for different environments. These include the Virtual Infrastructure, Physical and Cloud workloads, the Backup Infrastructure and an extensive set of alarms and reporting capabilities. The Veeam ONE platform provides the ONE Monitor and ONE Reporter under the same roof. The purpose of this article is to show how easy is to run an in-place upgrade to the latest version.

Before proceeding, of course it is always recommended to run a backup of the server where the Veeam ONE application is running. Veeam ONE and Veeam Enterprise Manager should be upgraded before Veeam Backup & Replication. The Veeam ONE v10 upgrade process is simple and wizard driven. It is just a matter of reviewing the main details for the install and click on the next screen.

Veeam ONE v10 upgrade process

First step to run an upgrade of Veeam ONE v10 is to obtain the latest ISO from the Veeam website. Once mounted on the Veeam ONE server, the splash screen already identifies the existing version and offers the new upgrade.

domalab.com Veeam ONE v10

The installer automatically check about dependencies and automatically downloads and installs them upon notification.

Once the Microsoft Windows dependencies are installed and the server has rebooted, the wizard carries on with the next steps about EULA.

At this point the installer identifies the running version of the components: Veeam ONE Server, Web UI and Monitor Client. If the Veeam ONE Monitor Client is installed on other machines the upgrade procedure is basically the same. This of course will update only the Monitor Client component in this case.

Next the Veeam ONE installer detects and uses the account configured in the previous install. So it is just a matter to verify the credentials.

Next is to identify and confirm the SQL Server Instance and Database. The wizard will automatically present the one used by current installation.

domalab.com Veeam ONE v10

At this point is also possible to provide an updated license file or provide this at a later stage.

As part of the v10 series, now Veeam can also automatically download a license file updated for the current version.

domalab.com Veeam ONE v10

At this point the Veeam ONE v10 installer has all the info to proceed with the database upgrade process. Usually the process is not that long and of course depends on allocated resources.

domalab.com Veeam ONE v10

Once completed the Veeam ONE install wizard will stop the Veeam services, copy the new binaries and restart the new services automatically. This part of the upgrade process is very quick.

domalab.com Veeam ONE v10

A few moments later, the Veeam ONE v10 is installed and ready to be used.

domalab.com Veeam ONE v10


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