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QuickR Domino setup Server parameters Part 3

IBM Lotus Domino Client Configuration

This part of the guide will cover the following steps necessary to assist the IBM QuickR Domino server installation:

  • Configure of SSO
  • Enable Domino Servlet Engine
  • Enable  UTF-8 Encoding
  • Edit the Notes.ini file to allow SSO and special characters in uploaded document


So let’s start Notes client first time configuration.

Let’s give a name to the first user and also specify the Domino server Hostname.

domalab.com Quickr Domino lotus notes name

Unless needed let’s leave the default options. We can always rerun this wizard later.

Perfect! Now we can start the Domino Administrator. This is the important bit where we define the integration required for QuickR Domino Server install.

As per screenshots below lets browse to Server Configuration > Internet Protocols > Domino Web Engine.

Let’s create a new SSO Configuration

And select our Domino Server.

Let’s also create the Keys and select the LtpaToken.

Let’s not forget about the DNS domain as well and the Domain Server Names as per screenshot below.

Next is to enable the Multiple Server SSO in the session authentication.

So we should get something similar to this screenshot below.

In the Java Servlets section let’s use the Domino Servlet Manager.

Finally we need to create a new Application as per screenshots below.

And let’s add Mappings as per settings in the screenshot for All Web Sites/Entire Server

When completed the operations above next step would be to add

  • NoWebFileSystemACLs=1

  • HTTPAllowDecodedUrlPercent=1

To the notes.ini file  and restart the Domino Server

This part is now concluded. We are now ready to install QuickR server which will be covered in the next final step.

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