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Dell EMC Unity NDMP Backup to Tape protocol

The Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) allows network based backup for Network Attached Storage (NAS). In particular this protocol focuses on the data transport from the NAS devices and the target location bypassing the Backup application. This article shows the quick configuration steps on how to enable the Dell EMC Unity NDMP protocol. This configuration can be used to backup content from NAS Shares directly to Tapes (Physical or Virtual) for longer retention.

The aim of the NDMP protocol is to address a scenario when data is sitting on an heterogeneous environments made of different NAS Servers with the requirement still to protect the content of such network shares. In this scenario, rather than having multiple Backup vendors supporting their own solution the NDMP agent is a common and open standard protocol that single applications can use to protect and restore the content from file servers.

The Dell EMC UnityVSA includes support for the NDMP protocol making it an easier choice when protecting the content of the file shares.

The idea for this article is to prepare the test bed for protecting data from a NAS Share using a backup application. More on this will be covered in a dedicated article.


Enable Dell EMC Unity NDMP configuration

Upon the NAS Servers setup in the Dell EMC Unisphere web console it is possible to review and edit the settings for the NAS Servers. Access in the main Unisphere dashboard from Storage > File > NAS Servers and select the desired file server to edit.

domalab.com Dell EMC Unity NDMP

In the NAS Server properties the NDMP configuration options are under the Protection & Events tab.

domalab.com Dell EMC Unity NDMP configuration

By default, the NDMP Protocol is disabled. By enabling this one it allows to create a Username and Password. These credentials will be stored in the NAS Server configuration and allow full read and write access to the network share thus allowing backup and restore operations.

domalab.com Dell EMC Unity NDMP password

Once enabled, the option to update the password if required.

domalab.com Dell EMC Unity NDMP protocol

And that’s all. It was that easy to enable Dell EMC Unity NDMP protocol. Very nicely this option can be configured just for the desired NAS Servers running on the UnityVSA appliance. In a dedicated article the steps on how to leverage the NDMP protocol with a Backup Application.


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