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VMware 7.0u1 upgrade part4: the journey from VMware 6.7

Another way to easily upgrade the VMware VCSA appliance to the latest patch is to use the built-in Update module and let the appliance download, stage and install the latest binaries. This is exactly what this article covers with the VMware 7.0u1 upgrade part4. As an example this article shows the steps to upgrade to the 7.0u1d build. In particular this build release bring new updates and enhancements with VMware Tanzu. More info are available here.

VMware 7.0u1 upgrade part4

To download and update the VMware VCSA appliance, the Update section comes handy and shows the most important info at a glance like the current version and the available ones based on the definitions that have been downloaded. Of course the VCSA appliance required in internet connection for this to work. should a network connection not be available it is still possible to run an offline upgrade of the VCSA appliance with an ISO file. Next step is to select the desired build and hit on stage and install. Or stage only for a deferred install. It is also worth checking how much free space is available on the appliance. Latest VCSA patch update tend to be quite chunky and can get lots of space. the good news is all the updates are cumulative builds. Only the latest one available needs to be applied.

domalab.com VMware 7.0u1 upgrade

The wizard will start and ask for the EULA terms and conditions to be accepted.

Next is to provide the password for the Administrator account used with SSO authentication to access the VMware vSphere Client.

domalab.com VMware 7.0u1 upgrade

Before proceeding it is always a good idea to run a full backup of the VCSA appliance in case of reverting to a previous configuration.

domalab.com VMware 7.0u1 upgrade

At this point the installer wizard will in turn:

  • Download the necessary binary files
  • Stop the services on the VMware VCSA appliance
  • Install/upgrade the latest binaries
  • Convert data post install
  • Run sanity check and restart services

A few moments and this completes the VMware 7.0u1 upgrade part4 process for the VMware VCSA appliance now updated to the latest release build.

domalab.com VMware 7.0u1 upgrade


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