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VMware VCSA update not working with online repository

This quick article covers the steps on how to quickly fix the VMware VCSA update check when using the online repositories. In fact for some of the VMware VCSA 6.7 releases the automatic check against online repositories might not work.

This can be easily resolved in two ways: either by downloading the latest cumulative patches and mounting them to the VCSA appliance or even more conveniently make sure the URL path where to check and download these patches is correct.

This is exactly the reason why in certain cases the VMware VCSA update is not working through the builtin interface. The next steps quickly show how to solve this.


Fix VMware VCSA update not working

From the the VMware VCSA update section of the appliance it might show little or not information at all about the latest cumulative updates. Actually the VMware VCSA can be updated in two ways: manually by providing access to the patch file downloaded as an ISO or automatically  by letting the appliance to connect to the internet and check and download the necessary files from an online VMware official repository.

Before proceeding it is always good idea to run a backup before applying any changes or upgrade. This always provides the path to get back in case new features or other changes are impacting or interfering with the current vSphere deployment.

domalab.com VMware VCSA update not working

This is the point where the update routine might not work. The VCSA update interface in fact is looking at the wrong location as default repository.

domalab.com VMware VCSA update settings

Instead of using the default repository it is possible to point to a custom repository to run the VMware VCSA update. At the time of writing the full URL address is:


domalab.com VMware VCSA update custom repository

As soon as the new URL is provided the VMware VCSA update can now display, stage and install the latest patch updates.

domalab.com VMware VCSA update latest cumulative patches


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